Being An Indie Artist…

Being an Indie Artist

Being an independent artist can be quite a task nowadays. Not only do you need to be as original as can be when it comes to music and creativity, but also you must basically come as a mini label package so to speak. I’ve done quite a few Def Jam showcases and some other industry shows as well, the most common thing I’ve heard every time was “We’re looking for someone who is already established”. Just what does established mean today by industry execs standards? Established is basically building your presence and image so they won’t have to do as much for you as they have for breaking artist in the industry in the past. To me it seems like an interview process. Prove to us you can sell off your own steam and we’ll capitalize and take a chance on you plus boost your sales and exposure with global distribution.

If you believe this…

Aside from the music aspect you must be considered model worthy. Your face will be all over the media outlets, so I could see how this is important tying into your image and branding. After all you are a product. Being seen is a must if you’re an independent artist or label. You need to be in the mix in order to create a buzz about your presence. This is effective because when you doing shows people know you as that person they seen around or may even get to know you period in all honesty. Either way this can help to build your fan base especially when you’re doing shows and promoting. Always aim to be a familiar face.

Knowing how to publish your works through PRO’s and the Library of Congress is also very important. This is how you protect your creative works and also how you receive payments or compensation off of your works that get registered that is. The business is indeed vigorous and full of hardship. Having a primary investor would be nice and also could help make the process less strenuous. Being an independent does cut cost and offers a lot of benefits that are perfect for future business, but in the immediate phase it can provide complications should preparations and strategy not be up to par.

If you’re going to be an independent learn the business in and out and become more then just an artist. I have found that to be the true key to success in this industry. Become a Jack-of-all-trades and a master of quite a few, which is my own personal motto. I went in to entertainment business to comprehend the business aspect for a change. I’ve mastered being an artist so why stop there? In my professional opinion you should always seek to become better then you were yesterday. A positive mind can conquer any task that is set before it.

So then the questions becomes…

How serious do you take yourself, and why should anyone else take you serious for that matter? Answer this question and you’ll be able to figure out if your really cut out for this business. This industry is so much more then what you see and hear as it pertains to entertainment and media, it’s also a multi-billion dollar corporate level industry. So you better be about your business…


-Mr. Orjuna



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